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Timeless Humor to Meaningful Introspection

In every joke there is an undercurrent of truth. Regardless of your frame of reference, the sentiments expressed in this forty year-old comedic bit still ring true for those who navigate the system of education. The humor embodied in the pronouncement of the "Five Minute University,” offers commentary to the unfortunate state of our halls of academia. Yet through the satirical lens, a keen observation can be an entry point that fosters meaningful introspection. Through critical reflection, it is clear to see the structural issues that face the institution of education. However, shifting paradigms requires far more than the descriptive features of observation; it demands a thoughtfulness that moves beyond acknowledgment and towards transformative ideas.

In many instances individuals see change as an either/or proposition. However, S.A.G.E. arises from a desire to break through such assumptions to uncover the possibility that exists in the space between. It is our belief that ruminating on the future of education can only be meaningful when viewed through a variety of lenses and experiences. The capacity to foster change begins with a dialogue that inspires the free exchange of ideas. Culture and context serve as important avenues to explore when attempting to understand the parameters by which innovation can occur. This aspect of exploration is an embedded feature of this blog, as we aspire to build a community of stakeholders eager to contribute to a transformative culture. In this model of progressive thought, fluidity is essential to the creative spirit. As such, we want to ensure that a collaborative nature engenders purpose while generating a commitment to strive for more. With a diverse set of opinions, talents, and skill sets, we hope to meld conviction and collaboration as a means to foster innovative thought.

We need to be more than the remnants of satire. Reimagining requires questioning: What are the values we hold dear? What are the inherent features of life-long learning? What does a truly learner-centered experience entail? What are the obstacles that prevent progressive growth? These along with a myriad of pointed questions can engender the contemplative thought necessary to advance a progressive model of learning. Moving beyond description and towards the purposeful engagement of "how" can cultivate a future that emboldens more than the memorization of the “Five Minute University.” It begins with the space to share, and the willingness to embark upon the journey that brings a vision to reality.

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