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Swells of Thought

Just as the waves of water mold the shoreline, the essence of learning is continual and unique. Embracing this view is what separates facilitators of learning from the mechanisms of schooling. When those privileged to partner with other learners release from the “sage on the stage” mentality, the beauty of engagement and intrinsic motivation blossoms for every stakeholder. Such experiences are evident to any individual committed to a learner-centered vision. However, the challenge for those dedicated to such a cause is in generating diffusion in a manner that transcends the very rigid features of the educational system. Endeavoring in this direction is complex and in many instances, frustrating. Yet for those who step into that arena, the measure of success is not found in the trappings of a hierarchical system but through the tireless determination that inspires others to travel that noble road. With an unflinching focus on the essence of individualized purpose within an educational ecosystem, these beacons of hope offer a glimpse into the unending possibilities that exist for learners.

As we prepare to embark on a new academic year, we are reminded of those who have not lost sight of the macro of an academic charge. Progressive organizations like Education Reimagined reflect a big-picture focus within the scope of uncovering the microelements that enhance purpose. Moreover, their efforts remind all stakeholders of the importance of placing adaptability at the core of a unified vision for sustainable actions. As illustrated in many of our posts, alignment between theory and application is a component that we have prided ourselves in throughout our journey within the system. We would contend that this ethos is the grounding feature of Education Reimagined, which consistently advocates for building understanding and making connections through learner agency. As facilitators of learning, we have and will continue to attest to the power of fluid environments that provide the freedom to meet learners where they are in their individualized journey.

Continually striving to enhance craft and openly sharing perspective with the broader community, we believe to be reflective of the authentic practices employed in a learner-centered ecosystem. As learners recognize, the vehicle of communication is a powerful tool that opens up avenues of opportunity to challenge assumptions and grow. Through our attempt to embody this belief in our craft and professional forays, we have had the opportunity to engage with organizations grounded in this belief. In recent years, our journey has involved opportunities to engage with Education Reimagined. From learning labs, workshops, and publications, this community of learners is keen on advancing the waves of thought central to the essence of learning. Through this involvement, we have been privileged to have our thoughts shared on their digital platforms. Specifically, we were pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of a link to our latest post titled, The Sagacious Learner in Education Reimagined's most recent edition of Voyager magazine. In keeping with our Note of Gratitude published earlier this month, we want to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to each of you to engage the ideas and thoughts of this unique organization.

In the educational arena, sharing thoughts and resources through outlets of meaning and purpose assists in advancing grassroots movements that bring about substantive change. In the end, it is not about a person, a blog, a school, or a policy but a vision to provide learners with the space to generate possibilities beyond the traditional framework. We have always believed that a fluid yet unified vision is necessary for inspiring the transformative potential to bring forth change. With a focus on the learner, that unity is inherently embedded with an adaptable approach that ebbs and flows with the unique ripples, streams, and surges of natural learning.

Worth the View:

Question to Ponder -

Imagine classrooms guided by this form of facilitation; how would this close the

gap between schooling and learning?

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