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A View Towards the Future

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

When an authentic learner takes some time to read the works of Emerson or Thoreau they are offered tremendous insight into the reflective truths that reside in an individual’s quest for purpose and meaning. Their words challenge the reader to believe in the gleams of light that shine from their inherent thoughts. In doing so, they encourage thinkers to remain true to their convictions in an effort to contribute to a universal understanding. As today marks the year anniversary of our foray into the blogosphere we found this an appropriate moment to define our vision towards the future.

With the seeds of S.A.G.E. planted in 2013, our journey has emphasized the importance humility serves in attempting to reimagine the educational dynamic. Through the course of this year, the blog has underscored our contention that shifting paradigms requires an introspectiveness that is open to vulnerability with the capacity to simply let go and trust. A space where means and process are more than buzz words offered to satisfy a surface level understanding, but elements critical to uncovering the gray. Accompanied by a flexible and adaptive approach, we have endeavored to meet turbulence with resilience in order to generate substantive dialogue that can inspire change. Over the tenure of a career this has helped to bolster our authentic lens while remaining true to core values. Moreover, we have coalesced the hope that embodies our vision into a commitment to remain self-aware, present, and awake to those sparks of thought.

Launching our blog during a time of great uncertainty speaks to the catalyst of hope that drives our desire to disrupt the status quo. In our estimation, leveraging possibility through uncertainty has been a measure of our will to harness the power of imagination. With a clarity of purpose, we have entered a new phase of curating the elements we believe inspire a shift towards the freedom ingrained in the essence of learning. These constructs have led us to build a framework unencumbered by the complexities of a hierarchical system that caters to political expediency. In short, the S.A.G.E. model embraces the fluidity of thought through the expression of emergent thought. Our commitment to this vision has fostered a mission to shift the conveyance of words to actions of optimism. As such, we have established a hopeful goal of bringing to fruition the S.A.G.E. Thinking Academy by the year 2025. While variables will always loom large in such an endeavor, we continue to let purpose serve as a beacon. By building upon the essence of the blog, we attempt to bring life to a vision that unifies our hearts, minds, and souls. We take great pride in the leap that generated a blog and look forward to the challenges of embarking upon this next chapter. As we have experienced throughout our years in public education, “nothing changes, if nothing changes.” May S.A.G.E. be the change that fosters growth and inspires those gleams of light.

A Nod of Optimism Through a Spirit of Hope:

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Suzanne Hill
Jul 08, 2021

A vision, a plan, fruition!! A 2025 SocraticThinking Academy is surely in the future for S.A.G.E!! Your commitment to breaking through the educational roadblocks, that for generations, have been stunting the growth of educators and students alike is to be commended. May S.A.G.E. continue to dearly hold on to their vision for the sake of our future learners and teachers. ~ Sue

S.A.G.E. Vision
S.A.G.E. Vision
Jul 09, 2021
Replying to

We appreciate your kinds words of support and enthusiasm! Your first-hand experiences give you great insight to the transformative changes our systems for learning are called to employ. Bringing that reality to the surface and to life, can only result in positive outcomes for all learners,

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