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True Leaders of Learners

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

        The essence of leadership resides within a unified vision that fosters growth and sustains attainment for all stakeholders. When learners and leaders are immersed in both vision and mission statements that are reflective of the daily interactions and principles within a community, their unlimited potential is unlocked. It is my strong belief that leadership is exemplified through the attributes of commitment, humility, and enthusiasm necessary for the attainment of innovative thought processes, ensuring deep learning experiences.  As learners are facilitated on a life-long journey of understanding, decisions made, and expectations set by the leaders support growth and ultimately affect the high levels of success that can be achieved.  True leadership leads to true learning, serving as a bridge between families, educators, and communities, enhancing all meaningful endeavors. Equally important, authenticity serves a great purpose in being a key component to sustaining consistent, optimal levels of learning.  A leader that is representative of what he/she espouses is one that maintains clarity in morals, vision, and implementation. They exhibit the ability to make decisions that effectively communicate the importance of placing learners at the center of all learning experiences. 

Through unwavering dedication, individuals who are pillars of strong leadership make certain that they are astute role models of professionalism. It has been my personal experience that those who are willing to differentiate and embrace opportunities for growth, rather than remaining stagnant or confined to a regimented outline of a “one size fits all approach,” uncover greater depths in leading communities of learners to places of inquiry that inspire both students and educators. In doing so, observation and reflection play significant roles in one’s ability to lead in a manner that is effective, sustaining the school’s vision throughout time.  When one observes the actions of others closely and makes proactive choices, their awareness of outcomes serve as a guide, supporting individuals on a unique path that leads to higher levels of success for all invested.  Personally, I have been fortunate enough to experience the rewards of engaging in deep relationships, in which the heroes of my life have been those closest to me. I hold sincere gratitude for my parents, husband, and friends who have all demonstrated the highest levels of leadership throughout our evolving relationships of trust, respect, and a sincere desire to support one another on our quest to be the very best versions of ourselves. I could not be more appreciative of these gifts given to me. 

As a facilitator of learning and a mother of three, I view myself as a leader in all endeavors experienced.  “Your deeds are your monuments” is an influential precept from the novel, Wonder that my colleague and I often discuss with our students. Striving to instill in them a sense of accountability for everyday decisions made, their processing of the actions we exhibit daily are essential for them to engage in experiences of uncovering new understandings. A primary goal is for them to become intrinsically motivated learners, who strive to reach optimal depths in applications and for their actions to be representative of those modeled throughout the leadership roles observed, eventually becoming leaders themselves. As for my children, there is no greater gift than being blessed with the role of leading and guiding them throughout their lives.  The ultimate marker of my leadership skills resides in their abilities to make decisions that will independently bring them the greatest rewards of love, happiness, and success. Even so, my commitment to supporting their growth and love for them will continually shine brightly within the unique individuals they aspire to. In my heart, I understand the vital role my faith has played in my desire to lead for the greater good of those I love and for the possibilities that exist within an authentic progressive approach in education.

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